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Planet Tickle is a FREE & FULLY FEATURED Social Network and M4M Foot Fetish Community for men into men's feet, tickling, footwear, trampling, and all other m4m feet related fetishes.


Much like Facebook and other popular social sites, Planet Tickle is owned, operated, and financially supported by true male feet and tickle fetish enthusiasts in the male feet and tickling community!

Launched in July 2012, we have been online for over 3 years and we're growing every month. We currently have over 2000 active members! It's a clean, stand alone site where information is protected. We do not and will not share member details with third parties or affiliates, ever!

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT IS ALLOWED HERE. Therefore you must be at least 18 years old to join!

"I was also one of the frustrated members of Footguys.net and Feet.tv. And I think after observing the previous two failed attempts to profit from the foot fetish community, it is safe to say what I have been saying all along; that such a community NEEDS to be free, and remain free forever. That is why I created this site. And that's the platform for Planet Tickle."
~ Mike Reynolds (TickleDad)

1. It's Free
and always will be! We have seen from Feet.TV and FootGuys.net that turning community sites like this to paysite just doesn't work.

2. It's Secure
We are on an SSL certificate.

3. Your Foot Friends from FootGuys are already here.
We're nearly 2200 active members strong, and growing every day!

4. Make new foot fetish friends!
Hey, can any of us have enough foot friends? I sure can't!

5. Warm, friendly people, no spammers or trolls
Although we do have a "Report Abuse" button, we hardly ever get reports! We're a community of level headed, warm and friendly men with one thing in mind...indulging our fetishes!

6. Connect with your community
Find like-minded friendly men in your area to make your male feet and tickling fantasies come true!

7. Join Groups
There are dozens of member created groups to choose from! You can even create your own.

8. We have a simple design and user friendly interface.
Our members speak words of praise about the simplicity of using the site.

9. We listen to you.
Planet Tickle wants to know what you need and want to make your experience here fun and beneficial. Our development team is constantly improving the site based on members needs and desires.

  • Thanks, for your contribution to the foot community. As a former member of Footguys, I was crushed by the demise of said site as (to me) there wasn't a place for guys like me, until I came here from a mutual friend. I do not have any negative comments at all, and I do hope that ex-member from Footguys.net can make the exodus here.
    I will come here from time to time and would like to contribute if I can.
    Thank you ever so much.
    ~ FootloverJ

  • You've done a great job with the site. I was just telling Peter the other day that PlanetTickle is the best designed, best performing, and possibly the best run social foot site yet. So, keep up the good work, and be aware that I notice, and I appreciate it.
    ~ FootStudNY

  • In my opinion, you have created a truly unique website, laser-focused on tickling and male feet specifically. And, I think that the execution is brilliant and only continues to get better and better.

    I had a problem doing something on the site many months ago, and Mike immediately answered my email concerning the problem that I was having. I wasn't complaining, I had actually found a problem that might have hampered other members ease of use on the site, and I wanted to bring it to Mike's attention. He immediately fixed it and it's been smooth sailing every since.

    We've all seen tickling and foot sites come and go, and also turn from free to pay sites. Mike, you've got a wonderful offering here. I think you do an excellent job. Your site has facilitated my meeting of several wonderful guys for fun tickling and foot adventures. Without it, it would have greatly diminished my chances of making some wonderful friends and foot tickling contacts all over the world!

    So, my complaint is that you're not thanked enough for what you do, Mike. I thank you for all of your work and dedication to this site. It shows. And, it's wonderful. :-)
    ~ peirce

  • ...greetings!....there is nothing negative about this website, bro....it freaking FANTASTIC!!....I have met a lot of new friends on hear and you are doing an AWESOME job!................
    ~ hogtied

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